Riding this "underwater scooter" was one of the greatest things I've ever done

I jumped into a tank of water in the middle of the CES show floor to try Sublue's Mix Pro and it was totally worth all the embarrassment.

CES is a huge show. Something like 175,000 people — engineers, designers, buyers, media, influencers, etc — dropped in on Las Vegas to this year to get a first look at the future of consumer tech.

This year, it was easy to get swallowed up by 8K TVs, foldable screens, and electric car stuff.

This is my ninth CES and after nearly a decade of being jaded from covering iterative versions of existing gadgets, CES 2020 brought back the weird. Like the Sublue's Mix Pro, an "underwater scooter" that you grab with two hands and it propels you through the water.

Naturally, when I saw the huge water tank Sublue had installed in its booth, I couldn't resist jumping in to try out the Mix Pro for myself. Sublue didn't need much convincing and the next thing I knew, I was in a back room changing into a wetsuit and climbing up the water tank's stairs for a demo of the "underwater scooter."