Starlink tries to corner vanlife market with satellite internet for RVs

Surfing the web while you traverse the open road is $25 more than the standard Starlink service, though.

A few weeks removed from SpaceX’s portability update that allows users to bring the high-speed internet on the go, Starlink has begun rolling out a new service that is geared specifically towards RV owners.

Starlink for RVs is exactly what the title would suggest, and as opposed to the standard service meant for individuals at home, it’s ready to be shipped out to prospective customers right now. Anyone trying to secure Starlink for their apartment or home will be expected to wait until 2023. Availability for the RV service is limited to North America, Central Europe, Chile, and Australia.

For all of its benefits — providing high-speed internet to more rural portions of the world — Starlink is not an inexpensive endeavor. New customers have to shell out $599 for the initial hardware and then pay $110 a month for the service itself. For those who might be interested in the RV service, the monthly fee costs $135 a month, which is the same amount as the regular service with the aforementioned portability add-on.

Luxury roadtripping— Due to a relatively high barrier to entry, Starlink for RV is probably best suited for those who have enough disposable income to go roadtripping in style. As noted on its official site, the RV-focused service is meant to offer quality internet access throughout areas that normally have unreliable connectivity.

The service is not meant to be used in-motion, and in order to connect to the web, users will have to stop their trip and physically set-up their terminals. Another differentiation between the RV and home connection, is that for the former, service can be paused and un-paused, so that billing is tailored to individual traveling needs.

It is important to note that “network resources are always de-prioritized for Starlink for RVs users compared to other Starlink services” according to Starlink. That means connection strength will vary depending on whether or not users are traveling through highly-concentrated areas or during peak hours. Don’t save a pressing online task for a cross-country RV trip!

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