Rejoice: Spotify will now let you hide songs from other users' playlists

Because someone else's fav may just suck.

One song can throw off a perfect playlist, whether it's a chart-topping single that's actually awful (looking at you, "Toosie Slide") or someone else's problematic fav that you'd rather not let enter your ears. Now, Spotify will allow you to hide songs from any playlist you come across. The feature is only available for Premium subscribers and is available now.

How to turn it on (or off) — Head to the "context" menu within the app on iOS or Android to target the offending song(s). With Spotify already allowing users to block entire artists' discographies, you can take a buckshot or targeted strike against anything you don't want to hear. Music from a predator or just a song you can't stand: no longer an issue. Provided you're paying for Spotify, that is.

It's all about the dough —  A small feature like this only being available to Premium users should show you how essential subscriptions are to Spotify's revenue stream. Given what lower ad spending is already doing to the media industry, it could have an effect on Spotify as well.

Earlier this month, Spotify rolled out a larger premium feature with a standalone app for kids. For those struggling to keep their kids occupied at home during the COVID-19 epidemic, it may have arrived at the perfect time.