Sonos is making a mini subwoofer that won’t clutter your tiny apartment

The Sonos Sub Mini lets you get more bass out of your home theater with a small, but mighty addition.

For all of us who want to amp up the bass of our home theater setup but lack the space, there’s finally a solution from Sonos. The company announced its Sub Mini, a much lighter and lower-profile subwoofer compared to its third-generation Sub.

The Sub Mini is only about nine inches tall, so it can fit practically anywhere.Sonos

Those of us who already familiar with Sonos soundbars and speakers have been waiting for a more affordable subwoofer that’s built for smaller spaces. The wait hit a boiling over point when leaked photos of the Sub Mini circulated the web a week ago. Now, we finally have a Sonos subwoofer that’s better for apartments or smaller rooms.

Perfect pairing — Sonos built the Sub Mini with dual six-inch woofers that are meant provide better bass for your home entertainment system. The woofers face inward and create a force-cancelling effect that gets rid of any distortion, but it also uses advanced processing for a better bass response.

The dual-woofer design will provide plenty of bass for your home setup.Sonos

The Sub Mini works off 5 Ghz Wi-Fi, which is how it pairs with the rest of your audio setup. You can easily set up the Sub Mini through the Sonos app and face the subwoofer whichever direction you want since it’s purposely designed for flexbile placement.

Like Sonos’ other devices, the Sub Mini can be quickly paired through Wi-Fi.Sonos

The Sub Mini works better with Sonos’ smaller products, like the Beam and Ray soundbars, along with the One or One SL. Sonos says the Sub Mini can also technically pair with the Arc, but will work a lot better when the two are used in a smaller room at low- to moderate volume levels.

Mini magic — The Sub Mini is available for preorder and will come in black or white colorways. Priced at $429, it’s a lot more affordable the the third-gen Sub’s $749 price tag. The Sub Mini is expected to ship on October 6.

It may have less range and power than Sonos’ third-gen Sub, but the Sub Mini could be the perfect size for those just looking to get more bass for their room or studio apartment. Or maybe you’re just in the market for a subwoofer that’s far less conspicuous.