Sondors is finally shipping out its electric Metacycle

The Metacycle’s delivery date has been pushed back several times, but the first shipments are now on their way to the first customers.

Sondors Metacycles
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Update: Sondors has started deliveries of its Metacycle as evidenced by a video on the company’s website, first spotted by Electrek.

There’s some actual promising evidence that Sondors will be shipping out its highly-awaited Metacycles soon. Sondors recently sent out an email to its pre-order customers, first spotted by Electrek, with photos of its Metacycles looking like they’re ready to ship.

Looks like these Metacycles are getting ready for delivery.Sondors

We’ve learned to not get our hopes up about delivery details for the Metacycle, since it’s been rocky at best. Sondors initially priced the Metacycle at $5,000 with an expected delivery by the end of September 2021. That date was pushed back to towards the end of 2021, which was only delayed once again to the end of March. Most recently, Sondors’s CEO, Storm Sondors, updated customers, saying deliveries would begin in June.

Delays are understandable, but considering the initial delivery date of September 2021, Sondors is nearly a year behind schedule. We can only hope that Sondors spent the extra time to make the Metacycle an incredible ride, because it would be a serious letdown if it was anything otherwise.

Sondors may be teasing deliveries with these recent images.Sondors

Price and design tweaks — Throughout all those delays, Sondors was at least tweaking the Metacycle and its design. The electric motorcycle went through several changes, most notably, the pricing. Sondors successfully attracted enough preorder customers with its original $5,000 price tag. The company eventually updated that pricing, bumping it up to $6,500, even though the website currently lists the Metacycle for $6,000.

Sondors also had to update a few things to make the Metacycle street legal, but also more comfortable. The updated Metacycle had its seat changed to a more comfortable design, its rear brake caliper moved for better brake functionality, and will have a new tail light pod for street legal reasons.

The updated Metacycle still looks incredible.Sondors

But, Sondors retained the other main draws of the Metacycle, including its top speed of 80 mph, its 80-mile range on a single charge, and its charge times of under four hours using a home outlet.

Market pressure — It seems like Sondors learned its lesson with giving delivery dates, so it didn’t commit to an updated delivery window with these latest images. Seeing as the Metacycles look like they’re being packed for delivery, we’re hoping Sondors is planning for a release before the end of summer, so early customers can actually enjoy their first rides in decent weather.

Sondors is also likely feeling pressure from other companies who are looking to bring their own electric motorcycles to market. Notably, Harley Davidson’s spinoff company, LiveWire, is working on its S2 Del Mar, which could have a more affordable price tag than its first motorcycle at $22,000.

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