This crypto startup believes 'sex-to-earn' is the future of web3

Would you fuck for crypto? SEXN sure thinks so.


Have you ever been in the process of getting intimate with someone, only to think: I could be earning crypto and/or a variety of NFTs right now? That premise lies at the core of what SEXN, a new cryptocurrency startup, is banking on as the next frontier for web3. The name “SEXN” stems from an existing lifestyle app called STEPN that theoretically allows users to earn money by walking, jogging, and just generally being active.

SEXN, on the other hand, trades in the idea of moving-to-earn for moving-horizontally-to-earn. To get started with the web3 sexual app — which, by its own profession, aims to provide a monetization opportunity for what it describes as the two most important things on the planet, sex and money — interested parties are incentivized to complete a variety of, erm, objectives in order to earn cryptocurrency.

After connecting a crypto wallet to an account and downloading the SEXN app, users are first tasked with buying NFTs, which range in rarity and can be used to earn tokens created by the project itself. Dubbed “Sex Organ Token” (yes, really) or $SOT, these tokens went live on June 1 and can be acquired by completing in-app tasks, all of which revolve around using one’s phone to measure sexual activity. $SOT raised just over $100,000 prior to launch.

Sounds confusing — That’s because it is. To give a clearer picture of what these loosely defined, crypto-earning, sex-related objectives are, SEXN highlights the four modes within its app. To participate in any of the activities laid out in the following modes, users need a wristband or smartwatch that’s been synced to their SEXN mobile app, a mode-specific NFT that is purchasable with Binance Coin, and existing units of the app’s governing token, $SST. Still lost?

“Coitus mode” is activated by owning a condom NFT, which is available for purchase through SEXN’s marketplace; this can be activated prior to sex by tapping a button within the app. Based on the biometric information received from the user’s wristband, the app determines whether or not they are indeed having sex and rewards users with $SOT.

“Masturbation mode” requires masturbation toy NFTs, and it functions similarly to Coitus, only it can be done independently. Unfortunately, it also yields a lower amount of $SOT. SEXN’s site explains that its app “will determine whether you are having masturbation based on the biometric information from the sensors.”

There is very little information about the “Sadism and “Masochism mode” outside of the fact that it requires “a professional entry exam.” In addition to whatever that means, users also need a condom NFT and a “corresponding BDSM Toys NFT.”

And then there’s Super Mode — If all of that wasn’t enough, “Super Mode” requires a honeymoon ticket NFT and works like a super-charged version of Coitus mode. Whereas the latter is capped weekly, Super Mode allows for users to farm crypto by having sex “in consecutive days, just like a honeymoon,” and measuring this activity multiple times per week.

Is this... the future? — It seems the hope for SEXN is that it eventually turns into a broader ecosystem of e-commerce networks and “private social sector development” as people work to earn both $SST and $SOT tokens. Of course, both are subject to the whims of crypto’s volatile market.

Maybe most of this reads to you as convoluted nonsense with no real-world value or application, especially since it seems like the entire thing gameifies sex, turning it into a chore or an RPG side-quest. At least you’ll be providing some amorphous company with analytics on your sexual habits, diet, and proclivities.

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