Samsung’s Z Flip factory is back at full capacity

The facility’s coronavirus-prompted shutdown was shortlived.

Bloomberg/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Samsung says shutting down the Korean factory where it makes the Galaxy Z Flip won’t adversely affect the production of the foldable device, which has seen demand far outstrip supply since its launch earlier this month. "As of 1 pm Feb 24 (Korea Time), the Gumi Complex has started normal operations and we expect no impact on production," a Samsung spokesperson told Input on Monday.

Quarantined and cleaned — The facility was originally closed after one of its employees was confirmed to have contracted the novel coronavirus. Samsung has since quarantined the employee and, SamMobile says, “conducted disinfecting procedures across the entire factory.” The Gumi factory only produces Samsung’s foldables, so the recently launched S20 range of smartphones that go on sale next month won’t be affected by the shutdown at all.

Coronavirus is taking its toll on tech — Apple has warned investors the virus is likely to impact sales of its iPhones this year, and Apple’s chief manufacturing partner Foxconn is trying to ramp up production at its facilities outside of China. Meanwhile, conferences like Boston’s PAX East and San Francisco’s GDC have seen the likes of Sony, Facebook, and Kojima Productions cancel their plans to attend.

With production woes put to bed for the time being, Samsung’s bigger challenge may be convincing customers its Z flip is sufficiently durable for primetime and worth the premium asking price.