Samsung's "Galaxy Fold 2" might have more durable bendable glass display

Paper beats rock. Glass beats plastic.

Glass doesn’t bend. Any physicist, window installer or bartender can tell you that. But a fresh leak from none other than Twitter leaker "Ice Universe" suggests Samsung may have found a way to prove everyone wrong. The leaker claims the recently leaked "Galaxy Fold 2" will sport a foldable display with an “ultra-thin glass cover.”

New material trademarks – Samsung has applied for multiple trademarks related to “Ultra Thin Glass”, or “UTG”. Does that mean the next Galaxy Fold will definitely have it? Nope. But Samsung’s got plenty of good reasons to try and expedite bringing UTG to market. Per Ice Universe's tweet: the alleged bendable glass display "looks flatter and has less wrinkles."

Ignoring the straight-up failure of some devices, two major criticisms of the Galaxy Fold were the unmistakable crease visible on the larger plastic OLED screen and the not-quite-smooth surface.

Take two — Despite the Galaxy Fold's setbacks, Samsung's got big plans for foldables. Its Motorola Razr-like clamshell folding phone might cost less than the $2,000 Fold and better materials like foldable glass could make it more durable. It’s a tough sell at the moment to expect consumers to pay a premium for a device with a flimsy foldable screen that comes with so many warnings.

A history of leaks — Ice Universe has a solid track record for leaking new devices and features well ahead of their official announcements so there's a high chance these Galaxy Fold leaks are accurate (or very close).