Samsung's next flagship phone might be called the "S20" and not S11

New decade, new name.

On the last day of the decade, Ieaker Ice Universe has seemingly confirmed Samsung's upcoming flagship Android phone, the "Galaxy S11" might actually be called the "S20" next year. The leaker previously floated the new name, then followed up with a "yes🙂."

Though names can change, Ice Universe, who has an eerily accurate track record, says what would have been the S11e will be called the "S20," the S11 will go by "S20+," and what would have been the S11+ might be branded as "S11 Ultra."

New era of 6-inch+ phones — A subsequent tweet also suggests Samsung may have locked in screen sizes: 6.2 inches for the S20, 6.7 inches for the S20+, and 6.9 inches for the S20 Ultra. Foldable phones may very well become mainstream in 2020, but so will phones with 6-inch+ screens. Remember when we started the decade with the iPhone 4 and its then "big" 3.2-inch Retina display? In 10 years, phone display sizes have doubled. Foldable phones like the new Motorola Razr and Samsung's upcoming clamshell can't come soon enough to make devices pocketable once again.

Everything we know so far — As always, we know a lot about the S11/S20 already. (At least, we think we do based on the many leaks that have dripped out). Samsung's next phone can be summarized in one word: more. More rear cameras with more megapixels and optical zoom, more performance, and more cellular speed from 5G.

We've compiled a comprehensive roundup of everything we know about Samsung's upcoming flagship and highly recommend checking it out if you're curious to know what's coming.