Samsung's Motorola Razr-like foldable phone might be called "Galaxy Z Flip"

It's probably for the best that it's not called the Fold 2.

Ice Universe

Samsung's next foldable phone, the clamshell device that looks like a Motorola Razr, will reportedly go by "Galaxy Z Flip" when it's officially announced at Unpacked 2020 on February 11, according to leaker extraordinaire Ice Universe.

Originally codenamed "Bloom," the leaker shared imagery of the foldable phone's branding. Ice Universe has been busy leaking several potato-quality photos of the alleged Galaxy Z Flip over the last few weeks and as we inch closer toward its unveil, better imagery will likely surface.

Aimed at women? — Long gone are the days when phones specifically catered to genders. It's 2020 and making phones designed for men or women is considered outdated thinking and non-inclusive. Ajunews (via SamMobile) says Samsung's head of mobile DJ Koh held secret meetings at CES to talk about the upcoming foldable phone. The phone's design is allegedly inspired by a compact mirror, and as such, marketing for it might target "women in their 20s."

That'd be a shame since phones should be genderless. Colors that once used to be considered more feminine like pink and purple are no longer aimed at women. Because guess what? Colors and design are universal.

It's coming fast — All signs point to the foldable phone arriving alongside the Galaxy S11 (expected to be rebranded as the S20) at Unpacked next month. It's going to compete directly with Motorola's upcoming Razr, which was originally slated for this month but has been delayed.

We don't know the Galaxy Z Flip's specs yet, but it seems like a no-brainer it'll run on Android with Samsung's own One UI. The smaller display size could also mean the foldable will cost less than the ill-fated Galaxy Fold, which retailed for $2,000. A price closer to the $1,500 Razr could make the new Samsung foldable more attractive to consumers.

For now, check out the leaked images from a few weeks ago? Hot or not?