Samsung says its Neon project is an “artificial human”

It better be a replicant or else.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Samsung's next big thing is a replicant? Probably not, but also um, maybe? Ahead of CES 2020, Samsung's Neon artificial intelligence Twitter account no-so-cryptically announced "NEON = ARTIFICIAL HUMAN." Pranav Mistry, head of STAR Labs, the company behind Neon, shared the news with his own confirmation tweet:

Don't take it so literally — The idea of a real-life replicant sounds awesome and would probably (or perhaps not) please Ridley Scott. However, it's important to dial expectations back a little. If there's one thing companies love to do, it's over hype CES announcements and under-deliver. As I previously guessed, Neon might not be anything more than a new Bixby or digital voice assistant. The "human" part of the Neon tease shouldn't be taken too literally.

In addition to the teaser tweet, Neon also took the wraps off its official logo:

There's more to come at CES 2020 in a few weeks and Neon will probably tease more over the coming days. We can't wait to meet Neon's "artificial human." New smartphones can only tickle our fancy for so long.

Update: The Neon Twitter account says its "artificial human" is "not about Bixby, or anything you have seen before." 🤔