CES 2022

Do you want a 55-inch curved monitor that works vertically? Samsung thinks so.

Samsung's Odyssey 55" 4K gaming monitor is another strange announcement among many weird displays at CES 2022.

Samsung Odyssey Ark 55 inch gaming monitor
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It is a real shame that I am not at CES 2022 in-person to see all of the unique TVs and monitors from Samsung and LG like that 16:18 display or the OLED TV throne. CES is very much a display show, after all.

Had I been at Samsung’s booth, I would be able to tell you if its new Odyssey Ark 55” rules. Sadly, I can’t, so these two images provided by Samsung will have to do for now.

The 16:9 curved (still going strong) Odyssey Ark has a height-adjustable stand that pivots and tilts. Horizontally is how most people will be using it, but if you want, you can rotate it to portrait mode. A flat screen oriented in portrait mode makes sense, but does a curved one? It’s very weird.

According to Samsung: “This new vertical cockpit-style rotating display provides a new gaming experience and allows portrait or landscape orientation for multi-tasking and multi-window setup.”

Samsung hasn’t released full specs on the Odyssey Ark 55”. We just know it has a 4K resolution and a wireless dial controller that controls its lights and interface. It looks neat. Monitor buttons suck. Why do they always suck? A dial seems smart. But it’s also an extra thing on your desk.

Price and availability — I wish I knew. I’m sure it’s expensive. It always is.


I also wish Samsung had shown the screen itself — you know, what you’ll be looking at. I’m sure the bezels aren’t chunky or anything, but how do you not show the front? Or the back? Even in a render?

Update: Someone has seen the Odyssey Ark 55” with their bare eyes and holy moly, it’s GLORIOUS:

I am very jealous of all the CES attendees who get to see this magnificent screen in person.

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