Samsung is teasing some kind of new artificial intelligence called Neon

More details to come at CES 2020.

CES is two weeks away. We're psyched to see the OnePlus Concept One phone, but also learn more about Samsung's Neon artificial intelligence. What is Neon? Nobody knows. The official Neon Twitter, Instagram, Facebook page, and website all have very vague teasers asking "Have you ever met an 'artificial'?"

Bixby reborn as Neon? — Samsung's digital assistant sucks. Could Neon be a new AI assistant? It would be in Samsung's best interest to shed the bad taste Bixby has left in everyone's mouths and start anew in 2020. Maybe Neon will be that new AI or... maybe not.

Digging into Neon — Samsung-owned STAR Labs is the company behind Neon. The company's president and CEO Pranav Mistry, who worked on the original Galaxy Gear smartwatch, tweeted several teasers for the new AI project. Mistry has also worked on SixSense a gesture-based wearable computer and Samsung's Project Beyond 360-degree camera.

For now, these teasers are all we know about. But if you're curious, maybe keep an eye on Mistry's Twitter. We might get some meatier teasers ahead of CES.