Samsung is serving ads in the Galaxy Z Flip's phone app

Is nowhere sacred?

The calamity that is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip release continues. Not only is its "glass" display easily scratched by a fingernail, but it's also serving some unseemly advertisements. CNBC's Todd Haselton spotted an ad in the Z Flip's phone app, a finding we've confirmed on our own retail device. That's right, using the phone app on a phone you paid $1,400 for means you'll be subject to further monetization.

The dirty deets — An ad for DirecTV appears on the "Places" tab inside the phone app. Our device showed an ad for Dish. It's one thing for businesses to get more prominent placement if they've coughed up the dough, but it feels indecent to be targeted for satellite television in the same place. Apparently, these ads aren't new. Other Galaxy phones with the Places tab also show ads.

Fortunately, the ads can be turned off by going to Places > Settings > Other Call Settings > Search for Places Nearby. Still, we can't condone this being a default occurrence. Not everyone will figure out how to avoid yet another avenue for advertisements.

We've reached to Samsung for comment and will update with their response.

More disappointment — The Galaxy Z Flip sold out its U.S. release, but that's likely only because of a low stock. One Samsung store in Palo Alto, California reportedly had less than 10 units, and we were unable to buy any in the tri-state area via Best Buy. In South Korea, there were reportedly only 900 units in the entire country.

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