Samsung made an AirDrop clone called "Quick Share" and will probably launch it with the Galaxy S20

Nothing wrong with copying great ideas.


The Galaxy S20 (and its many other sizes and models) is shaping up to be an absolute beast of a phone. In addition to more cameras, faster performance, a smoother screen, and 5G, it might also have an AirDrop-like wireless transfer feature for sending files directly between other Galaxy phones.

XDA Developers' Max Weinbach aka guy who has been dropping S20 leaks daily for weeks says Samsung could announce its own version of AirDrop, called "Quick Share," alongside the S20 on February 11. Weinbach says his source, who has access to an S20+ 5G, was able to get the APK for the feature running, but transferring files between Galaxy devices didn't work because it's prerelease software.

AirDrop for Android at last! — AirDrop is low-key one of the most useful features on iOS. The ability to send photos and videos between iOS devices without needing to download them to a computer or upload them to a cloud service is fast and seamless. Android has been lacking its own version of AirDrop and QuickShare could be the solution.

Galaxy phones only? — The catch, of course, is that Quick Share might only work with Galaxy phones since it's made by Samsung. This would suck for anyone with a non-Samsung Android device. However, considering Galaxy phones are the most popular Android phones, maybe it won't matter.

Weinbach says Quick Share will work similarly to AirDrop with settings to send files only to contacts or to everyone. Our advice as longtime AirDrop users: set it to contacts-only unless you don't mind unsolicited dick pics every now and then.

Quick Share will reportedly also let users temporarily upload up to 1GB of data to Samsung Cloud. "These files will then be streamed to Samsung Smart Things devices and downloaded locally," claims Weinbach. "These files can be up to 1GB with a total of 2GBs being sent per day."