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Razer’s Zephyr Pro has the voice amplifier missing on the original mask

Razer’s RGB and dual-fan-cooling air purifying mask is getting a “pro” upgrade with a feature that was supposed to launch on the original.

Razer Zephyr Pro comes with missing voice amplifier
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Razer loves to show up at CES with a boatload of products. Yesterday, the gaming behemoth took the wraps off its family of 14, 15, and 17-inch Blade gaming laptops with RTX 30-series GPUs and 12th Gen Intel Core processors. Today, on the first official day of CES 2022, we get the Zephyr Pro mask.

The Zephyr Pro is the exact same air-purifier face mask as the Zephyr released last fall with one big change: it has a voice amplifier. Razer originally teased Zephyr at CES 2021 with the feature, but when the mask shipped it came without it.

Razer says consumers really wanted the voice amplifier — I said the same in my Zephyr mask review — so it’s now offering it as a “pro” feature that costs extra. The Zephyr Pro costs $150, $50 more than the $100 Zephyr; there’s a starter kit that comes with filters for $200. No concrete launch date yet, only that it’s coming this year.

The Razer Zephyr Pro has a voice amplifier.Razer

Same features — As far as I was told, the Zephyr Pro’s other features are identical to the regular Zephyr mask. It uses the same filters that last for three days of use and has the same app-customizable Chroma RGB lighting. Same dual intake fans for air circulation.

Controversially, the Zephyr Pro mask appears to use the same silicone face seal and dual strap design. In my Zephyr review, I said that the biggest downside to the cyberpunk mask was that it was heavy; the plastic design and fans weigh it down and the straps couldn’t keep it on my face. That was my experience; a person with a larger head or different shaped head might find the Zephyr a better fit.


Update 1/10/2022: This story originally quoted Razer as claiming the filters used for the Zephyr/Zephyr Pro were “N95 grade.” Razer has scrubbed its website of references to its filters being N95 grade (via PCMag).

According to Razer’s “The science behind Razer Zephyr” website:

Please observe your local safety regulations and mask guidelines or consult your local public health authorities for potential usability of these products under applicable law. The Razer Zephyr and Zephyr Pro are not certified N95 masks, medical devices, respirators, surgical masks, or personal protective equipment (PPE) and are not meant to be used in medical or clinical settings. These products are intended to be used only with Razer Zephyr Filters.

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