CES 2022

Razer's new gaming chair and desk are straight out of the future

Project Sophia and Enki Pro HyperSense are a very “Razer” take on a gaming desk and a gaming chair.

Project Sophia desk with a screen attached and green outlines for possible modules.

I’m not sure gaming desks are really a thing, but Razer might make them one with Project Sophia, a new design concept it’s introducing at CES 2022. The desk is sleek, but definitely looks like Razer designed it, which depending on your taste for Chroma, might stop you in your tracks.


The desk features a variety of optional modules to adapt to what you’re doing throughout the day. Razer imagines detachable screens, a digitizer and stylus for design work, or attachments for the company’s Razer Kiyo webcam for conference calls.