This is the most appealing PopSocket I've ever seen

It has a knife in it that also doubles as a bottle opener, a mini pry bar, and a hex screwdriver. Take my money!

This is why I love our weird little website called Input: Everyone’s always got their eye on cool-ass product recommendations that I’ve never heard of that end up draining my bank account. (I do not love that last part, though.)

For example: This PopSocket (yes, the official PopSocket brand and not a knockoff) called the PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool. Unlike the dinky ones that attach to your $1,000 brick so that you don’t drop it on the floor (or your face), this PopSocket has a friggin’ detachable multi-tool stowed in its backside.

From the Amazon product description: “Multi-tool includes a bottle opener, mini pry bar, and ¼” and 4mm hex bit drivers.” Okay, the tiny sharp end of it isn’t quite a knife. Who, but the TSA is stopping you from sharpening it? Nobody.

I don’t think I’ve ever needed a hex bit on any of the many Swiss Army knives I’ve owned over the years, but sure, why not? I might one day! And when that day comes, I’ll be glad it’s there — and you will look the fool when I come to the rescue by tightening a loosened screw.

I had to buy it.PopSockets

At $25, this PopGrip is not very expensive. How much are regular PopSockets these days, anyway? There’s also a “magnetic twist system to secure the multi-tool safely in place” and it’s “compatible with any PopMount 2, PopPower and other wireless chargers.”

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Reviewers on Amazon seem mixed on its usefulness. A few people say it’s too heavy. Others complain about the limited toolsets. I think these people are expecting too much from a piece of metal that slides into a PopSocket. Needless to say, as I do with almost all things sold on Amazon, I ignored them and ordered one anyway.

I got the black because I’m boring when it comes to decorating my iPhone 13 Pro, but there’s also a bright cyan-colored PopGrip. Will I regret buying this PopSocket simply because Ryan Wichelns, one of our outdoors writers, suggested it? I guess I’ll find out when it comes in two days. It’s either going to be a This Thing Rules or our first This Thing (Doesn’t) Rule.

The cyan ain’t bad looking, either.PopSockets