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Oppo claims its new Find N solves foldable ‘pain points’ like screen creases

A competitor to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is on the way from Oppo. The Find N features subtle design changes the company thinks might make a big difference.


Oppo announced its own take on a Galaxy Z Fold 3-style folding phone today ahead of its Oppo Inno Day tech event next week. The phone, called the Oppo Find N, appears to use a similar folding form factor as Samsung’s device, with an outer screen that can be used like a traditional smartphone, and a folding inner screen for tablet-oriented multitasking.

According to a blog post from Oppo chief product officer Pete Lau, the Find N is the result of four years of research and development, and six generations of prototypes. Oppo’s experimented with rollable displays for phones in the past, but based on the single image shared in Lau’s post, the Find N will look a bit more familiar.

No crease? — That familiar form factor does come with notable improvements, however. Lau claims the Find N fixes several common “pain points” in foldables, “such as the crease in the display and overall durability of the device, by inventing perhaps the best hinge and display designs available today.”

The Oppo Find N is noticeably shorter than other folding phones based on this early teaser image.Oppo

Samsung has struggled to hide the display creases even in its third-generation products like the Galaxy Z fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 — they’re less visible, but still noticeable when you actually touch the display and run your finger over the bump.

Compact foldable — The teaser video Oppo released alongside this blog post doesn’t clear up just how the display might be different, but it does highlight a major difference from Samsung’s devices: the Find N is noticeably smaller.

The Oppo Find N seems to easily fit in the hand, unlike the rather tall and narrow candy bar shape the Galaxy Z Fold 3 has thanks in part to its 6.2-inch diagonal external display. The Find N might be pocketable in a way plenty of foldables haven’t been (other than Samsung’s Galaxy Flip). Notoriously obtuse leaker Ice Universe shared a tweet comparing what’s presumably the size of the Oppo Find N to other flagship smartphones, if you’re looking for an even better size comparison. I love how small it seems!

A new foldable phone isn’t the only major announcement Oppo seems to have lined up for next week. The company also teased a new retractable smartphone camera lens for possibly improved telephoto performances, and what seems to be some kind of augmented reality display glass in the shape of an eyeglasses lens.

We’ll find learn more about the Find N next week at Oppo’s Inno Day event.