Onewheel GT's 32-mile range is nearly double the old Onewheel XR

Onewheel GT 2021 32-mile range, $2200 price, 20 mph max speed


The Onewheel GT isn't cheap.


Future Motion, the company behind the Onewheel brand, has announced two new Onewheel models. The Onewheel Pint X is an updated version of the small Onewheel Pint, while the Onewheel GT is the new shiny model, replacing the previous flagship, the Onewheel XR.

The Onewheel Pint X and Onewheel GT are available for purchase. Onewheel

One for the road — If you’re wondering why the Onewheel GT is so expensive, let me break it down for you. The GT almost doubles the max range of the XR (18 miles) to 32 miles. The actual range is between 20 to 32 miles, which depends a lot on speed, with higher speeds consuming battery at a faster rate. User weight would also be a contributing factor in battery usage. When you’re using this as a last-mile transportation device, the range isn’t as crucial, but users traveling longer distances for work or school will undoubtedly appreciate the breathing room to cover larger areas. The Onewheel GT accomplishes this with its new 21700 batteries.

Longer rides are great, but doing so at high speeds is even better. The Onewheel GT’s max speed is 20 mph, just barely surpassing the XR’s top speed of 19 mph. With a redesigned controls system that operates at a higher voltage, the Onewheel GT is able to go slightly faster while also increasing torque by 50 percent. Since torque affects horsepower, the increase in torque results in higher horsepower, making this the first 3-horsepower Onewheel. But life isn’t all about living in the fast lane.

Onewheel GT

The Onewheel GT weighs 35 pounds. Onewheel
A treaded tire is sold separately for offroad riding. Onewheel
The Onewheel GT uses a 750W Hypercore hub motor. Onewheel
You can go up to 20 mph. Onewheel
The built-in Maghandle Pro makes it easier to carry around. Onewheel
Onewheel GT has concave footpads for better grip. Onewheel
A rounder wheel means better carving. Onewheel

The Onewheel GT brings other quality-of-life improvements that should make it easier to enjoy riding it and transporting it. The GT features a wheel with a rounder profile that lends itself better for carving — the maneuver in which you shift your weight laterally to move sideways in a way that mimics riding a snowboard or longboard. For offroad Onewheeling, the company is now selling a treaded tire called the Trail Slayer GT, which is sold separately

The footpads are also getting a big upgrade in the form of a more concave design for better foot placement and control. Much like on a longboard, a more concave design secures your foot as you shift your weight. The footpads are also covered in grippier grip tape.

Two other small design changes have a huge impact. The Onewheel GT has a built-in handle, the Maghandle Pro, that can be tucked away inside the wheel. Previously, the aluminum handle with a rubber grip was sold separately for $70. It’s a premium touch that adds more functionality to an otherwise hard-to-carry device. Now, when you arrive at your destination, it’s only a matter of flipping up the handle and going about your day.

The other feature makes the GT easier to spot and safer to ride at night, including brighter LEDs (300 percent more lumens) than on the Onewheel XR. The Onewheel GT also has a high beams mode for better visibility at night.

Pint-sized — The Pint X isn’t as revolutionary as the Onewheel GT, but it does feature some big improvements compared to the standard Pint. The Pint X now has 12 to 18 miles of range, doubling the Pint’s 6 to 8 miles of range. Also, the Pint X has a higher top speed of 18 mph. Obviously, the Pint’s small size makes it easier to haul around and store, especially since it includes a Maghandle for toting around.

With a max 18-mile range, the Pint X can go much farther than the standard Pint. Onewheel

For casual or recreational riding, the Pint X isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s far more affordable than the Onewheel GT.

Time to ride — Both models, the Onewheel Pint X and Onewheel GT are available for purchase right now from Onewheel. The Pint X comes in at $1,400, a price $350 more expensive than the Pint. The flagship Onewheel GT costs $2,200. Onewheel is hosting a promotion for the first 48 hours after launch, discounting the Pint X by $200 and the GT by $275.