OnePlus teases gaming triggers you clip onto your phone for more pew pew pew

Shoulder buttons without needing to buy a gaudy gaming phone. Where do I enter my credit card info?

OnePlus gaming triggers accessory for smartphones
Pete Lau / Twitter

The OnePlus Watch may not be the game-changing smartwatch everyone hoped for, but can I interest you in these OnePlus gaming triggers that the company’s CEO and (lately) one-man-marketer Pete Lau just shared?

In a tweet this morning, Lau shared two images of the gaming triggers accessory that seemingly work by clipping onto a smartphone. These provide shoulder buttons for smartphones — suitable for many first-person shooters like PUBG, or racing or fighting games.

“We designed the OnePlus gaming triggers to be solid, responsive, pleasingly ‘clicky,’ and, yes, beautiful,” Lau tweeted. “We also made sure they work with many other phones — because the best product design is one that leaves you free to make your own choices.”

The OnePlus gaming triggers, available now on the company’s India website sell for ₹1,099 (about $15 USD). There’s no word on global availability. According to the website, “the OnePlus Gaming Trigger uses Omron switches to provide users with better tactile feedback based on what happens in-game.”

OnePlus says it works for all Android and iPhones and even if you’ve got cases or screen protectors on them. Each trigger is made from polycarbonate and zinc alloy and the total weight is 22 grams.

From OnePlus’s website:

“We specifically targeted players of Battle Royale-style multiplayer mobile games including PUBG, Call of Duty, Free Fire, and more.”
The OnePlus Gaming Triggers cost about $15 USD.OnePlus

The OnePlus gaming triggers were originally teased during the OnePlus 9 series launch event, but fell off our radar since everyone was so focused on the 9 Pro’s Hasselblad camera.

“For you gamers, we’re also introducing a brand new OnePlus gaming trigger with capacitive sensing technology,” said Ryan Fenwick, OnePlus’s head of global corporate communications. “Simply snap on one or both of the triggers to upgrade your mobile gaming experience.”

The OnePlus gaming triggers work with any phone.OnePlus

I hope to god it’s real because I’ve been getting mighty envious of the many gaming phones like the Redmagic 6 or the ROG Phone 5 that have built-in touch-sensitive trigger buttons.

We’ve reached out to OnePlus for more information. Playing games with claw hands is so dumb and stupid.

Yes baby.
Each trigger is made of polycarbonate and zinc alloy and uses Omron switches.OnePlus
Works with Android and iPhones.OnePlus