Everything we know about the OnePlus 10 Pro

Not expected until early 2022, a steady flow of leaks from reputable sources have revealed the OnePlus 10 Pro’s cameras, display, battery, and more.

OnePlus 10 Pro huge leak
@OnLeaks x Zouton

With the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro in the rearview mirror, it’s time to look ahead to OnePlus’ next phone, presumably called the OnePlus 10 and 10 Pro, which are expected to launch in early 2022.

With a recent spec dump, as well as leaked renders, and a leaker-made aluminum dummy, the mystery of the OnePlus 10 is starting to fade away thanks to 91Mobiles and notorious leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer (@OnLeaks).

If the leaked specs are to be believed, the OnePlus 10 Pro might be a more incremental update to the OnePlus 9 Pro. From the buzz going around, the Android phone will reportedly come with Qualcomm’s next-gen Snapdragon chip, and worthwhile camera and battery upgrades.

As always, take all the below info with a grain of salt. Leaks are not confirmations.

Which Snapdragon chip will power the OnePlus 10?

According to rumors, the OnePlus 10 Pro will be powered by Qualcomm’s next Snapdragon chipset. Until recently, the chip was referred to as the Snapdragon 898. With Qualcomm recently announcing it’s changing its chip names to single digits, the new chip is rumored to be called the Snapdragon 8 Gen1; we’ll likely get the official name on November 30 at the company’s Snapdragon Tech Summit.

While specifics will have to wait, expect faster CPU and GPU performance, and increased power efficiency. Hopefully, the next-gen Snapdragon chip will also improve its AI processing to better compete with Google’s Tensor chip that’s used in the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

What displays will the OnePlus 10 use?

The OnePlus 10 Pro will reportedly come with a 6.7-inch QHD+ display that runs at a 120Hz refresh rate — the same size as the OnePlus 9 Pro display. No word on the display size for the regular OnePlus 10.

The OnePlus 9 Pro display uses an LTPO AMOLED display, which allows it to adjust refresh rates depending on the content shown — all in the name of saving power. It’s likely the OnePlus 10 Pro will use LTPO. If not, it would be a step backward.

The Hasselblad branding is discretely displayed on the square camera bump. @OnLeaks x Zouton

How many cameras will the OnePlus 10 have?

As with the OnePlus 9 Pro, the OnePlus 10 series will likely be designed in collaboration with Hasselblad; OnePlus has a multi-year partnership with the camera brand.

According to 91Mobiles, the OnePlus 10 Pro will have a triple-camera array, featuring a 48-megapixel main camera, 50-megapixel ultrawide lens, and an 8-megapixel telephoto lens. It mentions nothing about any monochrome sensor like on the OnePlus 9 Pro. In other words: a very similar camera system to the OnePlus 9 Pro.

It’s also reported that the camera will not feature a periscope lens for any extended zoom range. Te big camera upgrade this year might be the selfie camera, which will reportedly get a bump from 16 to 32 megapixels.

Maybe most notable of all: the OnePlus 9 Pro might have a new square-shaped camera bump the melts over into the metal frame.

How big will the OnePlus 10’s battery be?

91Mobiles claims the OnePlus 10 Pro will come with a 5,000 mAh battery — a 500 mAh larger battery compared to the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro. How much longer that 500 mAh will get will depend on how power efficient the phone’s Snapdragon chipset will be. The OnePlus 9 Pro held up for roughly 13 hours of video playback, as tested by GSMArena; the OnePlus 10 Pro hopefully will last longer.

The selfie camera is getting a big upgrade. @OnLeaks x Zouton

Will the OnePlus 10 have 125W fast charging?

While it’s yet to be confirmed, it’s been reported that the OnePlus 10 Pro could feature blazingly-fast 125W fast charging. That would make it possible to fully charge the phone in under 30 minutes or less, smashing the OnePlus 9 Pro’s 65W fast charging. Though 125W fast charging is exciting, there’s the downside of the battery degrading at a faster rate than normal.

How much storage and RAM will the OnePlus 10 have?

91Mobiles reports that the OnePlus 10 Pro will come in two variants: 8GB RAM + 128GB of storage and 12GB RAM + 256GB of storage. Again, it’s very similar to the OnePlus 9 Pro, except that there appears to be no 8GB RAM + 256GB of storage option for the new model.

What are the OnePlus 10 Pro’s dimensions?

Though only a rumor at this point, Zouton reports that the phone’s dimensions will likely be around 163mm x 73.8mm x 8.5mm. If that turns out to be true, the dimensions will be almost identical to the OnePlus 9 Pro, albeit 0.2mm thinner.

Again, Zouton, in partnership with the previously mentioned OnLeaks, has published renders of the OnePlus 10 Pro. Apart from the square camera bump, the phone very much resembles the OnePlus 9 Pro. Actual images of the phone are still to come, though I’m sure leakers are hard at work procuring them. One intrepid leaker made their own OnePlus 10 Pro aluminum dummy. If you’ve seen the renders, there’s nothing new.

The OnePlus 10 will launch in China first, it’s been reported. @OnLeaks x Zouton

When and where is the OnePlus 10 launching?

While OnePlus has yet to announce the OnePlus 10 series or even teasers for it, many are speculating that the phone will launch in Q1 of next year. Rumors state that the date will likely fall around late January or early February, though that’s not a global launch date. 91Mobiles says the OnePlus 10 series could launch in China first, with other markets to follow later in April.

How much will the OnePlus 10 cost?

The price remains elusive. The $969 launch price of the OnePlus 9 Pro provides a rough estimate of the OnePlus 10 Pro’s price. But with a new chip, upgraded selfie camera, and a larger, potentially faster-charging battery, OnePlus could charge more. New flagship OnePlus phones tend to go up, not down. It’d be a nice surprise to see the same or similar pricing for the OnePlus 10 series to the OnePlus 9 series. Unless leakers drip the prices out first, we’ll have to wait til next year to learn more.