Is Nothing hyping up a huge phone announcement for March?

If you follow the social media crumbs Nothing and its founder Carl Pei have been sharing, all signs point to some kind of product announcement — maybe a phone?

Nothing might release something in March
Raymond Wong / Input

Nothing is teasing something big for this month, but as far as actual confirmation on what it is, there’s really nothing. In a pretty vague tweet, the company that was created by former OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, said that “March is going to be fun.”

There’s really not a lot we can take away from this rather ambiguous Tweet, but there has been a lot of speculation that Nothing is planning on releasing a smartphone this year. The rumors aren’t completely unfounded because there have been several hints as to what Nothing has been up to.

TechCrunch reports that Nothing is indeed working on a smartphone and that Pei has been showing the device off at MWC 2022 this week. “Details around the forthcoming device are thin, though the source notes that the product will share a similar design language and ‘elements of transparency’ seen in Nothing’s first product,” reports the site.

Twitter speculation — Pei, who’s the founder and CEO of Nothing, tweeted in February that he was “back on Android,” after praising the Android 12. Earlier that same day, Pei also retweeted a fan-made concept for a Nothing smartphone with a transparent back that was inspired by the design of its first product drop, the Ear (1) wireless earbuds.

It’s not just Pei’s tweets that have us wondering if a Nothing smartphone is on the way. In response to Pei’s tweet announcing his return to Android, Android’s official Twitter said that they “got a lot to catch up on,” which was followed by a reply from Snapdragon that simply had the epic handshake meme featuring an extra arm.

More evidence — There are also some looser hints that date a few months back, like when Manu Sharma, vice president and general manager at Nothing, told India Today back in November that the company was working on five new products. A month before that, Nothing announced a collaboration with Qualcomm to use their Snapdragon platforms for future products. But since Snapdragon chips can power a lot of devices including smartphones, laptops, VR headsets, and wireless earbuds, it didn’t really narrow down the possibilities.

But it is clear that Nothing wants to continue its momentum after the success of its Ear (1) wireless earbuds that were released in July and later updated with a black edition in December. Nothing is definitely being a tease about its next product announcement, but we’ll probably see leaks soon if there’s nothing concrete in the near future. Kinda like with its wireless earbuds.