This open-frame case lets you build a beastly portable PC

Nagao Seisakusho put out a monitor mounting bracket that connects to most of its open-chassis frames so you can build a truly unique all-in-one PC.

Open chassis PC builds will never not be cool, but one with a monitor attached to it? That’s next level. Nagao Seisakusho, a Japanese company known for its open-chassis frames, released a mounting bracket that lets you attach monitors to many of its custom frames.

Unfortunately, It’s specifically designed for Nagao’s own open-chassis frames, so it’s not like you can use the bracket for any custom PC build that features an open frame. But, think of this as more of a bundle, where if you combine the open frame chassis with the monitor mounting bracket, you get this incredible all-in-one PC that’s an absolute sight to behold.

This has got to be one of the coolest all-in-one PC builds out there.Nagao Seisakusho

Compatibility check — You can attach Nagao’s monitor mounting bracket to most of its open-chassis frames — except for the ITX models — which all feature a handle on the top. It’s a bit out there to be lugging around this full-size PC especially if you throw a monitor on top of all that, but it’s nice to know there’s some portability here.

The handle is definitely a nice touch, if not a little bit unnecessary. Nagao Seisakusho

You can attach your monitor to the mounting bracket through 75 x 75 and 100 x 100 VESA holes, but Nagao isn’t making any promises that it’ll work with all monitors. You also won’t be able to use Nagao’s bracket attachment for water cooling if you opt for this monitor mount.

While the monitor is mounted to the case, there’s a stand that prevents the monitor from wobbling around and rubber feet so the stand itself doesn’t slip around. The bracket weighs around 880 grams, or roughly two pounds.

The stand matches most of Nagao’s open chassis frames.Nagao Seisakusho

Only in black — So far, the monitor mounting bracket is only available in black, so it won’t really match the company’s white, red, or green frames. If you are interested in building your next PC in a way that’ll really turn some heads, you have to buy Nagao’s open-chassis frames and mounting brackets separately off