Motorola Razr 2: A 5G follow up to its folding, flipping flop

After a disastrous launch, Motorola is trying again with its second generation of foldable hardware.

Actress Julia Garner holding the Motorola Razr.

Coming off the heels of its spectacular failure with its foldable Razr revival, Motorola today announced that it'll be giving the old brand another spin. The new model features an updated design, specs bumps, and sub-6 5G.

The new model sports a Snapdragon 765G, 8GB RAM, a 6.2-inch 21.9:9 foldable display as well as a 2.7-inch external display, 256GB onboard storage, a 2800mAh battery, 15W charging, dual SIM support, a "water-repellent" design, and two cameras: One 20MP f2.2 front camera and a 48MP f1.7 rear camera. No, there's still no wireless charging.

It's still sexy.Motorola

Motorola has also moved the device's fingerprint sensor to the back on the unit, which should help a bit with how uncomfortable the original's placement was. They're also touting expanded functionality for the external display. Weirdly, they've made any big announcements regarding updating the device's much-reviled hinge system but Mr. Mobile says it's using fewer parts and we trust him. Enjoy the little bits of pocket lint that get in there!

We, rather notoriously, had a lot of issues with the original Razr revival. Our unit was finicky, ran out of power quickly, and eventually just fell apart altogether. The entire debacle was a huge disappointment to fans of the original Razr line (everyone born before the year 1999) who saw the initial mockups and drooled. Though nothing here screams "they've solved it!" let's hope the second time's the charm.

The second-generation Motorola Razr will be available this fall for $1,399 on AT&T, T-Mobile, and unlocked.

The triples of foldville.Motorola
This doesn't seem practical at all.Motorola
Nobody is texting on this.Motorola
Pocket friendly.Motorola