Who's that?

Trick people into thinking you're Morgan Freeman with Voicemod's new AI freeware

The real-time voice modification company just introduced a beta for its AI voice-generator with seven options to choose from.


Voicemod is trying to inject some levity into the worlds of both casual gamers and full-time streamers by offering a range of products that allow for the real-time modification of one's voice. The company has now unveiled a new beta version of a set of voice filters powered by AI. The pack is appropriately called “AI Voices.”

Users can access a set of seven voices with the free beta. Most of the voice options are generic categories like “pilot” and “motherboard.” Many are inspired or lifted from sci-fi tropes. For example, the “ai-9000” option is reminiscent of a smooth-talking computer program à la HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey. We would imagine the inclusion of 9000 in the name is no coincidence.

And then there’s an inexplicable Morgan Freeman voice option. Don’t ask us why. It’s there if you want it, though.

In order to provide real-time voice generation, the company’s AI models have been trained by datasets involving scripted recordings of voice actors reading “specific combinations of sounds and words.” Because these recordings were put together with English-speaking actors, speaking English is the primary way to use AI Voices, although the company notes that “other languages can still work.”

Not just voice cloning— Voicemod specifically points out that its new product doesn’t just transmute a selection of text; the inclusion of a data-driven system takes other components of the human voice into consideration, “like harmonics, formants, resonance, inflection, articulation, and more.”

For anyone that might be interested in testing out the beta, AI Voices requires a fairly strong CPU to run its engine. It is recommended that users run AI Voices and other programs at the same time, to see if there are any technical or quality issues that arise.

The idea of cycling through a range of vocal identities either with friends or to an audience is enticing, and there will undoubtedly be content grabs as this technology becomes more readily available. We can already picture the thumbnails that might read something like: Running through the Warzone lobby as Mr. Bean!!!!