Mode’s customizable 75 percent Sonnet keyboard is beautifully simple

The built-to-order Sonnet mechanical keyboard maintains all the minimalism and craftsmanship that Mode Designs is known for, in a new form factor.

Mode Design Sonnet 75 percent mechanical keyboard preorder April 29
Mode Design

If you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard that really ties your desk together, this is it. The Sonnet from Mode Designs will work in any room since you can customize its cases and accent bar in whatever colorway goes with your setup.

Mode Designs

Mode Designs had already made a name for itself in the keeb community with its Mode Eighty model and its Mode SixtyFive that we adored, but the Sonnet will occupy the 75 percent form factor slot. And like the previous models, the Sonnet is made to order and built to last.

Fully customizable — Once again, Mode Designs shows us they pay close attention to all the little details with their mechanical keyboards. The case itself is made of mostly aluminum and copper, but Mode Designs says they’re meant to last a lifetime. The Sonnet also includes a little accent bar at the top of the keyboard that adds just a pop of color or the right amount of character.

Check out these different accent bar colors for the Sonnet keyboard.Mode Designs

Mode Designs made sure there was plenty of customizability with the Sonnet, even letting you fine-tune how the typing sounds and feels with multiple mounting styles and plate materials. Like the Eighty, the Sonnet also has a 5.5-degree typing angle and a low 19-millimeter front height for better ergonomics so your wrists never get tired from clacking away.

Mode Designs

Besides the plenty of color options for the cases, you have the option of having your PCBs be hot-swappable and exchanging any part of the keyboard since it’s fully modular. If you’re stuck on what color combinations to go with, Mode Designs includes some good starting off points from Taeha Types and Alexotos. The Sonnet connects via USB-C and has native support for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Mode Designs

Buy it for life — If you were looking for a nice 75 percent keyboard that’ll last, Mode Designs is putting its Sonnet up for preorder starting April 29 at 1 p.m. EST on its website. They don’t come cheap, starting at $299 and going up to more than $700 for a kitted-out version that includes a copper bottom and plate with hot-swappable PCBs and a colored internal weight. But just think of the Sonnet as a long-term investment since you’ll probably never need to buy another keyboard after.

Keycaps and switches are not included. Nor is a USB-C cable (you can find our favorites for ever budget here). You’ll have to find your own. But that’s the beauty of assembling your own mechanical keyboard — there are endless options — like ceramic keycaps or banana switches — for all of the components.