macOS Big Sur: The 6 features worth getting excited about

Apple's next Mac operating system, available for free this fall, features a radical iOS-like redesign and support for Apple Silicon processors. But that's not all.

6. Faster software updates

What it is: Future software updates will start installing in the background and reduce the overall install times.

Why you should care: Current Mac users know the pain of having to wait to work while the system updates. Big Sur's new approach could solve one of the biggest gripes many have about macOS right now.


5. Messages gets a redesign

What it is: Apple is bringing over some of the advancements from iOS 14, plus a little extra. That means improved groups, inline replies, a Memoji editor and more.

Why you should care: The current Messages app is pretty barebones, and it looks like Apple is about to give it the care it deserves.