Looking Glass’s huge holographic display is a 3D game changer

Looking Glass Factory’s latest massive 3D display is really meant more for commercial uses, but is still an impressive technological feat overall.

Displays are getting pretty over-the-top lately, but Looking Glass Factory’s 65-inch 8K holographic display definitely takes the cake. This Brooklyn-based startup is known for its displays that produce 3D holograms, but we’ve never really seen it done at this scale before. In fact, Looking Glass Factory says it’s the largest, high-resolution holographic display ever created.

Up to 50 people can view the 3D images at once with this 65-inch 8K holographic display.Looking Glass Factory

The 65-inch display was definitely aimed more so at commercial uses, like for marketing campaigns and 3D media, or for better visualization with engineering and design uses. Looking Glass Factory is already seeing some initial support with its massive 3D display since Springbok Entertainment is promoting its latest film, Zanzibar: Trouble in Paradise, on Looking Glass’s 65-inch holographic display at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival.

Large group viewings — According to Looking Glass Factory, its 65-inch display can generate up to 100 different perspectives of 3D content using 100 million points of light every 60th of a second. Those specs means it can generate a 3D image that can be seen with groups of up to 50 people viewing it at the same time.

The 65-inch display is only three inches thick and offers 8K resolution in a 16:9 aspect ratio. But, Looking Glass Factory hasn’t revealed any of the other crucial specs, like the refresh rate, color depth, or even what ports it will be built with. We do know that the display works with with Unity, Unreal, Blender and other software applications through Looking Glass Factory’s plugins.

Expect it to be expensive — The 65-inch display is only up for preorder right now with “extremely limited quantities available,” but Looking Glass Factory didn’t specify any pricing details yet.

It should be noted that Looking Glass’s largest display probably isn’t meant for everyday use like a regular display, unless you really want that Times Square billboard vibe in your living room. The company does make more appropriately-sized holographic displays, like its nearly eight-inch Looking Glass Portrait designed for personal use. There’s even a 16-inch version that costs $3,000 and a 32-inch version, which comes with a steep $20,000 price tag.

Looking Glass Factory offers a 16-inch holographic display, too.Looking Glass Factory