Lightyear's affordable new solar EV explained in 5 key specs

Cheaper, more efficient, and coming for Tesla's title for long range king.

The Lightyear One electric vehicle with solar panels attached to the roof. Electric cars. EVs.

Whether you’ve heard of Lightyear or not, the upstart’s solar-assisted EV is one of the most serious Tesla competitors to enter the ring over the last several years, not just in terms of technology, but in style, and now, arguably the most important factor — price.

The Lightyear Two, which the company recently announced, will slide into the market as one of the most affordable electric sedans, making it competitive with the likes of other mid-range EVs like the Tesla Model 3.

And while price is a big factor, that’s not the only thing the new solar-assisted car has going for it. Here’s what you need to know about Lightyear’s upcoming EV in five key stats.