LG’s next rollable OLED TV mounts to your ceiling

If you have to ask how much it’s probably not for you.


Last year LG showed off its first rollable OLED TV at CES. The Signature Series OLED TV R looks like a big, aluminum, soundbar when off, but once turned on, a 65-inch screen rises from the base. Which is great, until someone mistakes it for a table and pops a glass on top of it. Also, it still means you need a TV stand. How to solve the problem? Make the TV roll down from the ceiling instead, Engadget reports.

It’s unclear at this stage how the new rollable LG TV will account for variable ceiling heights, whether it’ll come in any sizes other than 65-inch, or what it’ll cost, but we’ll be stopping past LG’s CES stand next week to find out… and to compare its latest wares to rival Samsung’s new zero-bezel panels.

Plastic, transparent and bendable LG displays are coming too –– Rollable screens aren’t the only things LG’s bringing to CES. We’re also expecting to see OLED video walls for use in airplane cabins, bendable OLED panels for first-class cabins, and transparent OLED screens that can serve both as screens and partitions.

In keeping with the ever-growing prevalence of car-tech at CES, LG’s also expected to demonstrate plastic OLED displays for use in the automotive sector, and even a new 86-inch digital whiteboard/LCD that can register up to four digital markers at the same time.

We’re also expecting to see some new ultra-lightweight laptops from LG. We’re not, however, expecting to see any more details about its recently patented wraparound OLED smartphone cover. If we’re going to see that at all, we’ll likely have to wait for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February.