LG's new fridge does "craft ice" and we love it

Two scotches with ice spheres, please.

LG has updated its range of ThinQ appliances, including washers, dryers, ovens and refrigerators. But it's the last of these that have us hot under the collar. The new LG InstaView Door-in-door with Craft Ice refrigerator might have a ridiculous name, but we'll forgive that given it has the fanciest ice-maker we've ever seen. In addition to blocks and crushed ice, it makes 25 "ice spheres".

This ice is extremely round

Each sphere is 2-inches in diameter, slow-drip made (so should be clear rather than cloudy) and most importantly, is automatically replenished. LG says its aiming the new refrigerator at "home mixologists and cocktail connoisseurs", but that ice-coffee pros will dig it, too.

The fancy window's still there, too — There's no word on pricing, yet, but given the new Craft Ice machine with a refrigerator attached to it also has LG's InstaView tech — double tapping the glass door switches it from opaque to translucent, or vice versa — we expect it to be expensive. But, considering how much you'll be saving on cocktails in bars, you might be able to justify it.