CES 2022

Lenovo’s ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 has a second screen next to the keyboard

Everything about the ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 is nuts from the second screen's location to the 21:10 main display.

The ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 partially opened, with second 8-inch screen by the keyboard

The ThinkBook Plus Gen 3’s screen is 17.3-inches. That’s already a pretty big screen for a laptop, with an equally wide aspect ratio of 21:10. But Lenovo is taking it a step further by including a whole other 8-inch LCD touchscreen next to the keyboard.


The company imagines the screen being used as a notepad during a meeting using the included stylus, or maybe a calculator when you’re working in Excel, or even a mirror of your smartphone so you don’t have to pull it out of your pocket.