Lenovo is selling a ThinkPad keyboard, complete with the glorious nipple

This might be one of the greatest keyboards of all time.

How did we not know about this? Apparently, some eternity ago, Lenovo released a wireless keyboard that's basically the bottom half of its legendary ThinkPad laptops. A wireless keyboard that also included its iconic red "nipple" pointer/trackpad.

That keyboard is no more. Fortunately, Lenovo is replacing it with the ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II. Aside from the larger and sloped palm rest, I'm not really sure what's changed in the new version. Lenovo says the keyboard has "the same dish-shaped ergonomic keycaps for comfort" and "integrated TrackPoint for easy navigation in tight spaces without a mouse."

Where's iPad support? — When I first saw this keyboard, I immediately thought: "This would be friggin' awesome paired with the new iPad Pro. Instead of paying $300 to $350 for Apple's Magic Keyboard, you could pick up a cheap case with a foldable stand and this $100 wireless keyboard with a built-in nipple trackpad.

That dream screeched to a halt when I saw Lenovo's description page: "supports both Android and Windows." In theory, the keyboard should work with iPad — any Bluetooth keyboard will connect to an iPad — but why is there no support listed on Lenovo's website? Somebody needs to test this! Or somebody at Lenovo needs to make the nipple work with iPadOS 13.4's cursor. It'd be a sin not to.

Scissor switches — Oh thank god, these are scissor switches. That means they will have a decent amount of travel. It's no mechanical keyboard, but for a slim 1lb keyboard to either: a) save desk space or b) bring on the go, it's fine.

Keyboard specs — The keyboard supports two kinds of wireless: Bluetooth and Wireless Nano USB Dongle, which can connect up to two devices. A single charge is good for up to two months of usage. And there's a programmable F12 key.

Oh yeah, give those keys to us.Lenovo
That's a nipple for sure!Lenovo
Good lord, it's USB-C!Lenovo