Leaked: Samsung's next Galaxy Fold wants to take on the razr

It's clearly smaller than the original Fold. Hopefully, it's way cheaper, too.

Samsung's Galaxy Fold fails in three ways: the screen isn't durable, it's too thick and heavy, and it costs $2,000. The company's next stab at a foldable phone might be different if these leaked images posted to Weibo (surfaced by @UniverseIce) are real.

Smaller foldable phone — The leaked images reveal a design that does look Samsung-y; the metal frame, barely visible hinge, speaker grilles, camera bump, and even the way the screen stretches underneath the surrounding bezels all resemble miniaturized versions of the Galaxy Fold. The biggest change is that the foldable bends in half like the new Motorola Razr instead of transforming into a tablet.

More affordable pricing — A smaller foldable phone could mean cheaper pricing. Motorola's Razr will sell for $1,500 when it launches in January, which is about $500 less than a Galaxy Fold. Don't get me wrong, $1,500 is still an insane amount of money for a phone, but if the prices continue to drop, there could be sub-$1,000 phones in no time. If Samsung doesn't make it, I'm almost certain some Chinese phone maker will. This is how economies of scale work: increased production reduces production costs (and price) over time.