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It's your last chance to get this coveted smart typewriter at a $210 discount

You literally have hours before the price goes up to $599 on October 27. Better act quick!

The Freewrite Traveler might be one of the most anticipated writing tools of recent years — and the most elusive. With an E Ink display, scissor-switch keyboard, and a body half the size of a regular laptop, it’s piqued the interests of writers hoping to hone in their focus from Twitter and other time-sucks of the internet. Its predecessor, the Freewrite, was well-received (as one of our own editors can attest), making the smaller follow-up all the more exciting.

Now after a two-year wait, the Traveler is finally gearing up for an actual launch — but that also means the price is going up. Astrohaus, the company behind Freewrite and Freewrite Traveler, says the price will increase from its current $389 to $599 tomorrow. So if you want it at the cheapest it’s going to get, you’ll have to act fast. Per the countdown on its official website, you’ve still got just under 15 hours to make a decision (and potentially save $210).

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Hype over the distraction-free, back to basics modern typewriter has waxed and waned since it was announced in 2018 in an Indiegogo campaign, though, as production delays have led to a lot of unhappy buyers who are worried it’ll go the way of vaporware. People want it, there’s no denying that. But not many people feel comfortable dropping several hundred dollars on something that may or may not come to fruition.

Thankfully, this one does seem to be materializing at last. In the last update posted to the campaign page on October 6, Astrohaus co-founder Adam Leeb said the October. 27 launch will bring everything “all at once, shipping your devices, press release, and the big reveal of the final design/specs.” Happy writing! Hopefully.