Everything we know about the iPhone 14

Rumors suggest the iPhone mini could get the axe, major camera improvements, and an increase in price for some models.

We’re only a couple of weeks out from the next big iPhone release, but there’s been a couple of late rumors adding some last-minute hype before the expected reveal in September. The leaks give us a good idea of all the iPhone 14 models, which are shaping up to be a considerable upgrade and a template for what Apple looks to do with iPhones from here on out.

From the rumors so far, we’re expecting a change in the sizing conventions, major camera improvements, and an even earlier announcement date than usual.


Let’s start with some bad news: To everyone’s dismay, Apple is not switching over to USB-C with the iPhone 14 and is instead sticking with Lightning. It’s not like Apple doesn’t have plans to switch its iPhone over to USB-C. Industry leaker Ming-Chi Kuo reported that Apple is planning to abandon the Lightning port with the iPhone that comes out in the second half of 2023, likely the iPhone 15. Kuo’s claim is backed up by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who reported that Apple is testing future iPhones with a USB-C connection.

All of that means that it’s too early for the soon-to-be revealed iPhone 14 to have USB-C, so we’ll have to hang onto those irksome Lightning cables for now. It’s especially frustrating when you consider that Apple is planning to convert its other devices, like its next entry-level iPad.


Several reports have claimed that Apple will not be doing an iPhone 14 mini while a 9to5Mac source says that Apple will be ditching its mini version for good. Instead there could be four models of iPhone 14, two with 6.1-inch displays, and two others with 6.7-inch displays. Going forward, Apple will be doing the iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Pro, the iPhone 14 Max, and the iPhone Pro Max. It’s a cleaner naming convention where pro denotes better specs, while max means a larger display.

Farewell iPhone minis, we hardly knew ya.Apple

Unfortunately, the “mini” will be missing from the lineup for the foreseeable future. The mini iPhones just don’t sell well, with only three percent of iPhone 13 sales being minis and the iPhone 12 mini showing poor sales numbers. It’s definitely a bummer for those who enjoy the smaller form factor, but Apple’s decision is understandable considering the underwhelming sales numbers.


We’ve seen some leaked renders of the iPhone 14 where it looks like Apple is doing away with the notch, at least for its Pro models. The notch we see on the iPhone 13 may be replaced by a couple of hole-punch cameras with the iPhone 14 Pro models. @SaranByte also spotted leaks of the iPhone 14’s front panel off Weibo, where you can see the hole-punch design and thinner bezels for the Pro versions. The iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Max will retain the same notch design, though.

The notchless design with the hole-punch cameras almost make the upcoming iPhones look like a Samsung Galaxy. But this style seems to be reserved for the Pro models, so it’s likely more of a way to better differentiate between the Pro and non-pro models.


To further differentiate between the Pro and regular versions, Apple will be updating only the iPhone 14 Pro models with the latest Apple silicon. According to Kuo, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will be getting the A16 chip, while the iPhone 14 and Max will stay on the A15 chip that we have with the iPhone 13s.

Apple usually updates the latest iPhone with a new chip, but this would break the pattern, making the Pro models feel more premium than the rest.


We’re supposed to see a major upgrade to a 48-megapixel main camera for the iPhone 14, according to Kuo. That would be a big jump from the 12-megapixel cameras that Apple has been using for the last couple of iPhones.

The camera bumps are just getting bigger and bigger.ShrimpApplePro / Twitter

We saw a leaked photo of molds that would be used for third-party case makers showing a larger camera bump. But Apple has been increasing the size of the camera housing over the years, as pointed out by rendering artist Ian Zelbo. Although, if it’s a better camera, a larger camera housing may be the price we have to pay for higher quality images.


We’re probably going to see a $100 price hike with the iPhone 14 Pro models. According to Dan Ives, an analyst with Wedbush Securities, it’s “likely” we’ll see a $100 price increase compared to the iPhone 13 Pro models. That means a potential $1,099 price tag for the iPhone 14 Pro and a possible $1,199 price tag for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Kuo also backs up this claim with a prediction of a 15 percent price increase earlier this month.

It looks like there won’t be price increases across the board however, with the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max expected to stay the same price. While no one wants to pay more, this price increase is likely due to inflation and increased material costs. Apple will probably try to justify the increase with the iPhone 14 Pro models’ additional features.


Christmas is coming a little earlier this year for Apple fans. Gurman reported that Apple is planning to introduce the iPhone 14 on September 7, which is ahead of its normal schedule. Gurman also reported that retail store employees were told to prepare for a “major new product release” on September 16.

With the iPhone 13, Apple previously introduced the smartphone on September 14, opening preorders on September 17 and delivering them onto store shelves on September 24. It’s going to be about a week earlier for the iPhone 14’s release, which is surely good news for those eager to upgrade.