iOS 16 is officially releasing on September 12

Apple will be introducing the latest version if its operating system in under a week.

Apple unveiled the latest iteration of its operating system, iOS 16, back at the beginning of the summer during the company’s worldwide developers conference (WWDC) in June. Now, we officially have a release date: September 12.

As outlined around the time of WWDC, some of the biggest changes coming to the system revolve around customization.

Users will be able to customize their lock screens to add a flair of personality when their devices are idle. That includes changing date and time fonts, add widgets, and switch your lock screen throughout the day by holding down on it, before swiping.

Here’s a teaser of the new malleability for the lock screen.Apple

Dynamic design — The overall look of the lock screen will also be enhanced by framing photo subjects in front of the time, rather than vice versa. Notifications will also arrive from the bottom of one’s screen rather than the top, as to lessen distraction.

Other notable features include the ability to edit and undo text messages for those embarrassing typos or bold texts that may not be met with the same enthusiasm that you might’ve hoped for. By tapping and holding individual messages, users will have the option to tweak what they said or undo the send entirely (keep in mind this only extends for up to two minutes after initially sending). Threads and messages can also be marked as unread for those that may need some time to respond to that active group chat.

Feature rich — iCloud photo library, can now be extended with up to five other people. Those photos taken during family excursions or trips with friends will be accessible via a shared library and permissions to add, caption, and edit will apply to everyone included.

Other tweaks include the ability to unsend emails ahead of reaching their recipient, shared tab groups in Safari, passkeys as a replacement for passwords, with users employing face or touch ID in lieu of memorizing something convoluted, and interactive live text in paused video frames across your platform(s) of choice.

For an exhaustive breakdown of all the changes in iOS 16 you can find them here.