iOS 14 will probably work on every iPhone that runs iOS 13

The iPhone SE and 6S could last another year!

MediaNews Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images/MediaNews Group/Getty Images

Android users love to argue that their devices have this new notch-free fast-refresh-rate display and that new pop-up camera that's superior to the iPhone 11 Pro. But you know what Android phones don't usually get? Four years worth of software updates like iPhones do.

A report from (via MacRumors) claims iOS 14 will reportedly support all iPhones that run iOS 13. That means, every iPhone from the current iPhone 11 Pro all the way back to the iPhone SE and 6S released in 2016 would run iOS 14. Probably not as smoothly as newer iPhones, but most of whatever Apple is planning to pack into the software update should work.

Other potentially supported devices — The blog also says iPadOS 14 will support the iPod touch (7th-gen) and the following iPads: iPad Pro (9.7-inch and newer), iPad Air (3rd-gen), iPad (5th-gen and newer), and iPad mini (5th-gen).

The iPad Air 2 and iPad mini (4th-gen), both of which support iOS 13, will reportedly not get the new version of iOS. That's not surprising — my iPad Air 2 with iOS 13 works, but it's so sluggish I can see the OS's animations fade in and out in slow-mo every time I launch an app.

Better than most Androids — Four years of software updates may not seem like a lot, but compared to most Android devices, it's damn good. Most Android device makers only commit to about two years of software updates. After that, you're on your own.

More at WWDC — Apple will most likely announce iOS 14 at WWDC in early June. Dates for WWDC haven't been announced, but Apple has traditionally used the developer conference to announce new versions and new features.