CES 2022

IOGEAR wants to consolidate all your consoles into one place

IOGEAR's KeyMander Nexus Gaming KVM will make it easier to cycle between consoles.


If you have a rock-solid allegiance to a particular console — whether that’s Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, or otherwise, this is where you can stop reading. For anyone else that mixes and matches, or has an affinity for multiple systems, then what follows may be of some interest.

IOGEAR, a company that tries to maximize connectivity between devices, is putting out a more affordable hardware switch lengthily titled, the KeyMander Nexus Gaming KVM (keyboard/video/mouse). The connective piece of hardware is slated to release between April and June for $200, according to Engadget.

For those that own multiple consoles, it can be somewhat of a tricky process to cycle between use. If you can’t manage to get your hands on a TV or monitor with the appropriate amount of HDMI inputs, manually switching out each cord can be a hassle. This console consolidation into one screen is just the tip of the iceberg though — perhaps the best aspect of the Nexus Gaming KVM is its ability to let users play games on any of their systems with the same keyboard, mouse, and headset that is connected to their PC.

There is one caveat— For any PS5 players, you may have to wait a little longer than the expected release range as the Nexus Gaming KVM does not offer full support for the PS5 and its DualSense controllers.

"We have limited support for PS5, can only play PS4 and non-DualSense PS5 games," an IOGEAR spokesperson told Engadget. "We are looking to launch a dongle in late Q2 that may bring full support." Q2 ends ends in June 2022, the spokesperson clarified.

With that being said, the upcoming piece of hardware supports HDMI 2.1, and 4k resolutions at 60 Hz, while letting users switch between three gaming systems, including PC. As noted previously, each system is linked to the same screen, keyboard, mouse, and headset, which can be interchanged with the press of a button.

Those that are primarily PC users will probably get the most use out of the Nexus Gaming KVM. Or those that game solely with a keyboard/mouse, since they need to be plugged directly into consoles, making the transition from Switch to say Xbox a bit more arduous.