Instagram may let you hide individual Stories from specific people

More adaptable than "Close Friends."

SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images

On Instagram, it all goes down in the "Close Friends" Stories. It's a Finsta within an Insta, allowing users to post the risqué, the obnoxious, and whatever else is not suitable for all followers. But what if a particular story really only needs to be hidden from, like, one person? That minute tailoring of Stories may soon be possible, as the code whisperer Jane Manchen Wong has found.

The Instagram app's backend test reveals the platform is testing the ability to hide specific Stories from specific people, according to Wong's findings. She posted a screenshot of the feature in action, a godsend for people with something to hide. And we all have something to hide.

Who will you hide from? — Your boss, your mom, the reply guy who responds waaaaay too often — they all could be at play if/when Instagram decides to roll out the feature. Currently, Instagram allows you to hide all your Stories from specific people. That kind of shadow ban is certainly useful, but it would be wonderful to have less extreme measures at our disposal as well.

I'm chaotic and will post anything for anyone, but those who are more subtle should rejoice. Plausible deniability and freedom from judgment will get a little easier.