Huge leak shows off notch-free, titanium iPhone 14

The iPhone 13 will be announced in a few days, but it's going to be old news if this massive leak on the iPhone 14 coming in 2022 is genuine.

iPhone 14 leaked rendered image
Front Page Tech

Apple has long been known for its secrecy, but this year has been especially trying, with leaks of the iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, and MacBook Pro popping up throughout the year. With the iPhone 13 reveal scheduled for September 14, the ship has sprouted another leak.


The big leak

Like many previous Apple leaks this one comes from none other than Jon Prosser and his site, Front Page Tech. Prosser’s partner in crime, Ian Zelbo, created renders of the alleged iPhone 14 based on schematics seen by Prosser. The renders depict the “iPhone 14 Pro Max,” which most likely will differ from the less expensive variants. Moreover, the concept iPhone 14 can be viewed in AR using iPhones and iPads.

Front Page Tech