HP's possibly perfect Chromebook is going to cost me an arm and a leg

The HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook is coming out this summer for the not insignificant price of $1,149. But it sure seems worth it.


HP’s Elite Dragonfly Chromebook was one of the most impressive laptops shown off at CES 2022, and now the company has shared when customers can get their hands on it. The Elite Dragonfly Chromebook will be available this summer for the admittedly eye-popping price of $1,149.

Dragonfly — That ain’t cheap for a device running Chrome OS, but it’s also not without its benefits. The HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook is the first Chromebook certified for Intel’s Evo and vPro branding, and according to HP, the first Chromebook with a haptic touchpad or Dell’s XPS 13 Plus like you’d find on Apple’s MacBooks.

As a 2022 device, the Elite Dragonfly Chromebook is shipping with Intel’s latest 12th Gen chips, plenty of ports (HDMI included), display options (up to 1,000 nits of brightness), and stylus support. From both a feature and design perspective, it really seems like it could be a perfect Chromebook.

The haptic touchpad.HP

That price — There are plenty of Chromebooks that have pushed into that “$999 and up” price range like Samsung’s Galaxy Chromebook, and even Google’s original Pixelbook, but the Dragonfly Chromebook would definitely be on the higher end of things at $1,149.

On the other hand, its enterprise counterpart, the HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook Enterprise costs $1,254. Things could always be worse.


Laptop replacement — I use a Pixelbook Go as a sort of “couch laptop”, to keep tabs on Chrome OS and to use for work when I’m feeling spicy/lazy. Writing online means you can do most if not all of your job out of a browser, but the dream is a device that’s powerful enough to do everything (Chrome OS limitations notwithstanding).

I don’t think I can personally stomach the price of the HP’s Elite Dragonfly Chromebook. But I sure am tempted!