Google's real-time transcription Recorder app is now available for Pixel 2 and Pixel 3

The Pixel 4's best feature — the Recorder app that transcribes audio recordings in real time — is now available for download from the Play Store onto Pixel 2 and 3 (and 3a) phones. Unfortunately, if you're a Pixel 1 owner, you're out of luck.

Might work on non-Pixel phones — The app is only available for Pixel 2 (and newer) phones, but some users have successfully sideloaded it onto their non-Pixel Android phones running Android 10, according to Android Police. Be warned, though: the app may be buggy and crash. We tried installing it on an Essential Phone and OnePlus 7 Pro, both running Android 10, and no dice. If you want to try on your own Android phone, you can download the Recorder app from trusted Android app repository APKMirror here.

Must-have app for journalists — The Recorder app is a godsend for reporters like myself. Since using the Recorder app on the Pixel 4, I've gone from spending hours transcribing audio recordings to minutes editing the machine-transcribed text. It's not just useful for journalists. Students, legal assistants, or really anyone who needs to transcribe audio, will find this app useful. The best part is you no longer need to buy a new Pixel 4 to get it. Used Pixel 2 and 3 phones can be found for cheap and the Recorder app is free.