Google I/O 2022

Google’s Pixel Buds Pro look like a respectable AirPods Pro alternative

The Pixel Buds Pro will have active noise cancellation and transparency mode, and Google is planning to add spatial audio support later this year.


At last, Google is putting active noise cancellation in a pair of wireless earbuds with the Pixel Buds Pro. The tech giant revealed its latest wireless earbuds during its Google I/O 2022 developer conference, infusing them with Google-developed algorithms for some serious noise suppression.

Unlike Google’s previous earbud offerings, the Pixel Buds Pro look like they could actually compete with the ever-popular AirPods Pro or even the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. To match the competition, Google says it will update the Pixel Buds Pro with spatial audio — an immersive audio experience that definitely gives AirPods Pro and AirPods 3 an edge — later this year.

The Pixel Buds Pro come in four colors.Google

Pro specs? — Considering Google has ignored ANC on its earbuds for years, the company is going all-in with the tech. The ANC feature is designed with a six-core audio chip that uses Google algorithms and was tuned by an in-house audio engineering team. Google says it incorporated a neural processing engine that analyzes outside noise and cancels it in real-time with low latency.

We’ll see how well this Noise-Suppression Algorithm really works on the Pixel Buds Pro when they launch this fall.Google

To make the active noise cancellation even better, Google is using its “Silent Seal” technology that adapts to the user’s ears to prevent sound from leaking in from the outside. For calls, the Pixel Buds Pro uses noise-suppressing algorithms that were trained with machine learning to block wind, traffic, and other background noise. Just like most ANC wireless earbuds, the Pixel Buds Pro come with a transparency mode so you can tune back into the outside world when you need to.

The inside of the Pixel Buds Pro shows its dedicated chips doing special lifting for tuning audio and noise suppression.Google

Google says the Pixel Buds Pro last up to 11 hours of listening time, but only seven hours if you have ANC turned on. With the charging case, you’ll get up to 31 hours without ANC and 20 hours using ANC. Google also updated the Pixel Buds Pro with multipoint connectivity, something that was missing from its previous Pixel Buds 2 and Pixel Buds A-Series. Naturally, Google-made, the Pixel Buds Pro works with Google Assistant and Find My Device; live translation in 40 languages might be a particular standout feature to consider the Pixel Buds Pro over others.

As for water resistance, the Pixel Buds Pro are IPX4 rated, meaning they should be able to withstand light splashes or sweat. The charging case, however, is only IPX2 rated.

The inner side of a Pixel Buds Pro.Google

Leaked colors — We already had a good idea of the colors after reputable leaker Jon Prosser spilled the beans on four colorways earlier this month. The olorway names: coral, fog, charcoal, and lemongrass.

Orange is always a hot color.Google

How much Pixel Buds Pro cost — Google’s new wireless earbuds will cost $199 when they launch on July 28. Preorders start on July 21. If you’re doing the numbers, the Pixel Buds Pro cost $50 less than the MSRP for AirPods Pro. That said, Apple’s ANC wireless earbuds are frequently on sale for around $175-180 since they are looking long in the tooth since their 2019 launch.