Galaxy S22 pre-order numbers are proof that people love a good stylus


of Galaxy S22 series pre-orders are for the S22 Ultra.

Samsung just released its latest flagship devices, the Galaxy S22 series and the Galaxy Tab S8 series. And just judging from the pre-order numbers, it looks like it could easily surpass sales numbers for the S21 series.

Samsung said that both the Galaxy S22 series and the Galaxy Tab S8 series received more pre-orders within the first week than any other Samsung smartphone or tablet so far. Pre-order numbers for the Galaxy S22 series were actually more than double the amount that the Galaxy S21 series saw. At this rate, it won’t be too surprising if the Galaxy S22 posts better sales than its predecessor, which had a pretty rough run and lower sales numbers than the Galaxy S20 series did six months in.

But hype for the Galaxy S series seems to have made a comeback. So much so that when Samsung announced that the Galaxy S22 series was up for pre-order, the site’s checkout page experienced pretty overwhelming technical difficulties.

Ultra demand — According to Samsung’s early numbers, the Ultra models have really dominated pre-orders. The Galaxy S22 Ultra accounted for 60 percent of pre-order sales, which we’re guessing are from all those Galaxy Note stans who are happy to see a built-in stylus again. It’s the same story for the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, which made up 50 percent of the tablet pre-orders.


For those of us who didn’t secure a pre-order, the new phones can still be ordered through the Samsung website. Some of the basic color options, like black, white, green, or pink gold, should arrive by March 15. There are also online-exclusive colors including graphite, cream, sky blue, and violet, which are expected to ship March 29.

For reference, the base model S22 starts at $800, the S22+ starts at $1,000, and the most popular S22 Ultra with the returning S Pen starts at $1,200. The tablet lineup includes the Tab S8 that starts at $700, the S8+ that starts at $900, and the Tab S8 Ultra that starts at $1,100.

Available now — The Galaxy S22 series and the Galaxy Tab S8 series are already available in North America, Europe, and Korea, and Samsung says they’re planning to expand market and model availability in March. If you’re still deciding whether or not to upgrade, Samsung is also offering a trade-in program that gives you up to $700 in credit towards one of their new devices.