Fisker claims its third prospective EV will shatter range records

Fisker’s Project Ronin will be a sporty EV with a supposed 660-mile range and is expected to enter production in the second half of 2024.

There’s now another electric vehicle from Fisker in the pipeline, even though we’ve yet to see a single EV from them on the road. Fisker announced its third EV, Project Ronin, which will be an all-electric grand-touring sports car.

In addition to adding another nascent electric vehicle to its prospective lineup, Fisker is making the bold claim that Project Ronin will deliver the longest range of any production EV. It’s hard to tell how seriously to take that claim, since it could be years until we actually see Fisker’s sports EV hit the market (if at all). By that time, EV battery pack technology could’ve improved to the point where Project Ronin may fall in line with other EV range estimates. Plus, competitors like Lightyear have already made plenty of progress on that front.

Lightweight and long range — Fisker says development of the Project Ronin concept started last year with the goal of creating an EV that can accommodate long road trips for four people and their luggage. The EV’s name was inspired by the 1998 film with the same name starring Robert De Niro and featuring car chases throughout France.

Fisker told TopGear that Project Ronin will have a projected range of 660 miles and accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in close to two seconds. Lucid currently boasts the range record for a production car at a maximum of 520 miles. Fisker also told TopGear that the sporty EV will be geared to compete against the combustion engine convertibles that are in the “above $150,000” segment.

According to Fisker, the battery pack is expected to be integrated directly into the structure of the EV, which could explain the longer range. Fisker is also incorporating unique doors for easier entry and exit, along with a sustainable vegan interior.

Hold your hype — Fisker’s announcement today was more of a teaser, but the EV maker has already put out some dates. The company is expecting to reveal Project Ronin officially in August 2023, with production to start in the second half of 2024.

We probably won’t see reservations available for Project Ronin until its official reveal, but you can still reserve Fisker’s other EVs. We’re supposed to be getting the Fisker Ocean — the company’s first EV — in November, while the Fisker Pear is slated for its first deliveries in 2024.

It won’t be long until the Ocean comes out and then we can get a better sense of how Fisker does things. After all, it’s probably important to see how Fisker handles build quality, shipping times, repair service, and all the other basic things you’d want to know before buying a car.