This fan-made Pikachu wirelessly charges iPhones with its MagSafe cheek

YouTuber Clay Yoshirin Pokémon Clay Art fashioned a MagSafe charger into an adorable nuzzling Pikachu sculpture — it’s truly a work of art.

Clay Yoshirin Pokémon Clay Art

Sadly, this charger is probably the closest we’ll ever come to an actual Pikachu charging our phones. A YouTuber who creates functional Pokemon clay art finally took their talents to the OG Electric-type Pokémon that we all grew up with.

Clay Yoshirin / Twitter

YouTuber Clay Yoshirin Pokémon Clay Art (via SoraNews24) put up the entire painstakingly-detailed process that they went through for this masterpiece, including down to the incredibly life-like eyes and those unmistakable rosy red cheeks. If I didn’t know this was a completely homemade build, I would’ve believed this was an official Nintendo product considering the amount of attention that went into it.

Pikachu power — The crafty YouTuber installed a MagSafe charger into the clay Pikachu, concealing the wire within the clay and eventually running it below Pikachu’s butt. As with any MagSafe charger, a compatible iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 snaps to the magnetic pad that is one of Pikachu’s cheeks, and the device is cradled in Pikachu’s paws.

Clay Yoshirin / Twitter

Surprisingly, Pikachu wasn’t the first Electric-type Pokémon charger that Clay Yoshirin built. The artist also made a nuzzling Pichu charger and a Voltorb that you can set your phone on top of to charge. Except this one won’t just self-destruct on you whenever it feels like it. The YouTuber even made a wired charger with a Dedenne whose tail can be plugged into your devices.

We can only dream — There’s probably not much of a chance that these Pikachu chargers will ever make it onto our desks, but Nintendo has previously approved similar Pikachu chargers.

Even if we don’t get to use Clay Yoshirin’s Pikachu charger, at least they have some very relaxing arts-and-crafts videos to entertain us with. They’ve even gone beyond chargers and made a Chinchou as a desk lamp, which you can see in the Pikachu build video, and a Loudred as a speaker. If you’re crafty enough, you might be able to even use their videos as a step-by-step tutorial of sorts.