Facebook Messenger has arrived for desktop and Zoom best watch out

The app is now available for MacOS and Windows.

Facebook has expanded its Messenger app right when we need digital communication most. A new Messenger desktop app has launched for MacOS and Windows, which brings video chats to a larger screen. With Zoom being the talk of the COVID-19-induced mass isolation, often for the wrong reasons, group calls on Messenger become more appealing.

We all want to video chat now — In announcing the app, Facebook says its seen Messenger use in browsers double for audio and video calling. Clearly, the audience is there for Facebook's free and unlimited chats. Unless you've purged, your Facebook friends list is probably bigger than your phone contacts. Using Messenger means it'll be easier to chat with someone you may not have otherwise. Spice it up and hit up someone you've lost touch with.

Messenger's desktop app syncs with browsers and the mobile app, allowing for an easy transition from one platform for to another. And, if you're one of the people who's decided Facebook is worth trusting and invested in a Portal (or, you know, someone gave you one), you're now likely to get a little more use out of it.

Download now — The app is available now on the Microsoft Store or the Mac App Store. We'll see if this can slow Zoom's momentum. Considering not a day goes by without a fresh Zoom controversy popping up, we're feeling unusually optimitic about Facebook's odds. What can we say, the world's upside down right now. But at least there are ever more ways to enjoy a digital happy hour. At this point, we'll take all the consolation prizes we can get.