Everything we know about the 2022 MacBook Air

The newest MacBook Air won't release until next year, according to rumors, but constant leaks have given us a clearer picture of what's to come.

2022 MacBook Air concept render by Ian

The second fall Apple event is over. Apple introduced new AirPods, new colors for the HomePod mini, and new MacBook Pros powered by the new M1 Pro and M1 Max silicon. But what about the MacBook Air?

An update to Apple’s lightest laptop has been rumored for some time now, with concept renders showing the 2022 MacBook Air in colors similar to the M1 iMac released earlier this year.

While not much about the internals or other specs have been revealed, there’s still plenty to talk about.

Will the 2022 Macbook Air release this year?

In my previous MacBook Air post, I referenced analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who said the laptop would be launching in the middle of next year. However, he’s since changed his tune, now saying the launch will happen in Q3 2022. The later launch could be due to the ongoing supply chain struggles. Regardless, the next-gen MacBook Air won’t be hitting store shelves until at least a year from now.

The 2022 MacBook Air is rumored to get a big redesign. Jon Prosser and Renders by Ian

If Apple decides to launch the MacBook Air next year, as many expect, it’s unlikely we’ll see the laptop announced at today’s event. While Apple deviated from its M.O. a few months ago by announcing the Apple Watch Series 7 and delaying the launch by a few weeks, tthere’s no chance Apple will announce new MacBook Airs so far out.

Which chip will the 2022 MacBook Air use?

The M1 chip was a big gamble for the company, but going in-house for the chip has paid off massively. Apple silicon is excellent, and now there are updated versions for the new MacBook Pros, so odds are good we’ll see a newer chip in the next Air... though we may not see the new M1 Pro or M1 Max chips from the MacBook Pro in the Air. Instead, it might just be an updated M1 (M1X or M2, perhaps). Earlier this year, Ming-Chi Kuo made claims that the 2022 MacBook Air would launch with a new chip, so we remain optimistic.

Which display will the 2022 Macbook Air use?

Again, Ming-Chi Kuo is on it with the 2022 MacBook Air predictions, saying that the laptop will use a mini-LED display, the same tech in the new MacBook Pros and the 12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro. This newer display technology increases brightness with higher contrast ratios and more. According to Kuo, the size of the display could be 13.3 inches.

Is the 2022 MacBook Air getting a redesign?

MacRumors has reported on a forum post written by a leaker named TY98, in which they say the MacBook Air will lose the wedge design. The wedge-like design is such a huge part of the MacBook Air’s identity that it’s hard to imagine something different, but a fresh look could spice things up. According to the leaker, the design of the rumored MacBook Air will be round and light.

Will the 2022 MacBook Air have a notch?

Rumors have been circulating about the addition of a notch, and now that seems much more likely given the new MacBook Pros do, indeed, have a notch for their webcams. Will the trade-off of thinner bezels be worth it on the Air, though? At best, users tolerate a notch because they have to, but nobody likes one. And after Apple made a big deal about shrinking the notch on the new iPhone 13, it does seem like a one-step-forward-two-steps-back situation for the company.

Will the 2022 MacBook Air come in different colors?

According to leaker Jon Prosser, the new MacBook Air may launch in different colors.

The rumored 2022 MacBook Air could launch in a variety of colors. Jon Prosser and Renders by Ian

After the release of the colorful iMac this year, the rumor doesn’t sound wild at all. With a new redesign, anything could happen, including making the MacBook Air colorful.

Is MagSafe coming back to the 2022 MacBook Air?

Earlier this year, it was reported that Apple was working on bringing MagSafe charging back to the MacBook Air. The MacBook Air models previously had MagSafe charging before Apple switched over to USB-C. Now, with MagSafe making a big comeback on the iPhone, starting with last year’s iPhone 12, and the new MacBook Pros unveiled today, it’s likely the company is tinkering with bringing back the beloved feature.

Of course, as with all rumors, you’re advised to take each of these with a grain of salt. We saw that happen this year when the iPhone 13 didn’t launch with the much-anticipated under-display Touch ID sensor. So don’t get your hopes up too high in case they get dashed.